Premiere Collection Winners Choice

Choose a 4 or 6 night selection of 10 different city, beach and leisure destinations. Create your perfect getaway, at the perfect time with Premiere Collection…


Passport Collection Winners Choice

Enjoy a 4 or 6 night stay in your choice of our destinations in highly sought after beach, mountain, city and leisure destinations with the Passport Collection…

Big Beach

Big Beach Collection Winners Choice

Enjoy magical beaches and soft sand giving way under your feet. It’s a special kind of awesomeness you want to share with others. Make it happen with a Big Beach getaway…

Land or Sea

Land or Sea Winners Choice

Imagine the excitement of escaping to some of the world’s most gorgeous scenery. Land or Sea getaways are all about getting close to nature….

Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors Collection Winners Choice

Experience crisp mountain air coupled with sunny days and comfortable temps set the stage for countless activities perfect for those seeking a Great Outdoors adventure…


Secret City Experience Getaway2give

Guests can choose any of four (4) magnificent Skyline destinations: New Orleans, Miami, Chicago or Montreal; stay in a luxury 2-bedroom residence…


Seascape Collecion Winners Choice Getaway2Give

Enjoy a 4-night stay in lively Playa del Carmen, hotspot Los Cabos, romantic oasis Costa Rica or eco-tourist’s dream Belize when you choose a Seascape Collection…